Solo (Minimal)



Origin:  HYD/BLR

Genres:  Electro-Acoustic-Progressive-Psychdelic-Semi-Improvisatory-Sonic-Poetry 

Years Active:  2015- Present

Label:  The Sounds Within

No Hero is all set to return in 2020 after a year long hiatus with a renewed vigour to break boundaries and bend rules. After debuting with Bare Witness in 2015, an album built from an unplanned jam, No Hero went on to release Un Own in 2016, a 2 song 4 track EP exploring a prog-rock aesthetic and Sharam Masala in 2017 a twist into bi-lingual hip-hop/rap with a variety of collaborators along this journey. 

The next phase of No Hero returns to it's core as a multi-media solo project and is looking to perform at and collaborate with events and platforms looking to explore the limits of expression and artistic consumption. No Hero is also looking to engage with communities on issues that require a nuanced voice to push things forward and wishes to impact culture to a redoubtable effect. 

Solo (Full)




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