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"A multi-genre, no-genre, experimental sound with genres turned upside down into a cauldron and mixed until the desired brew was produced.."


- The Indian Music Diaries -

Nø Herø is an Alternative, Progressive, Psychedelic, Introspective, Existential, Ironic, Incidental musical dilemma turned deliberation. No Hero is as much about purity as it is about perversion; the songs range from metaphysical abstraction to cheese stuffed love songs for the terminally ill and occasionally participates in dutiful mockery of all things that command such attention. No Hero is some sort of a rebellion, mildly doused in apathy with a blurry vision to bring a [ positive ] change in the world through thought provocation and artificially induced identity crises. So, dont just listen, experience, respond, react, discover a part of yourself you never knew before.


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