Album Art


1. Wabi Sabi - Alt / Hip Hop / Rock 
3. Sights. Sounds.City - Alt / Hip Hop / Rock
6. 1point1 - Hip Hop / Metal
8. Mined State - Alt / Hip Hop / Metal 

From "Sharam Masala EP"

English Rap / Lyrics - XCPT (Aishan Vali) 
Hindi Rap / Lyrics - A La Moksh (Sameer Ul Haq)
Production, Guitars, Bass, Vocals (Mined State 3rd Verse & Wabi Sabi Chorus) - No Hero

Recorded at The Sounds Within Studios (#20_Koramangala)



2. Fragile 
9. Tomorrow Never Comes One Day (Acoustic)
12. Tomorrow Never Comes One Day 

From "Un Own EP"

Drums - Sidharth Rajmohan 
Keys/Synth Bass - Aman Mahajan 
Song writer, Production & Vocals - No Hero  

Recorded at Inner Space Studios 


4. Wondering, Wandering 
Keys - Aman Mahajan 
Drums - Peter Joshua Francis
Guitars, Bass & Production - No Hero 

7. The Only One
Vocals - Akrti 
Drums - Peter Joshua Francis
Guitars, Bass & Production - No Hero 

11. Internal Affairs 
Guitars, Synths, Vocals, Lyrics & Production - No Hero 

13. Disco Da Manchili
Drums - Peter Joshua Francis
Guitars, Bass & Production - No Hero 

From "Bare Witness"

Recorded at The Control Room




The origins of No Hero are as amorphous as the journey itself - born from a casual jam with drummer extraordinaire, Peter Joshua Francis some evening in Indiranagar little epicentre of far left music, The Control Room, the music was deliberated from improvisation. A format that Akhil Kodamanchili has been developing as a means of hacking creativity and intention in all its shades and colours.   



Moving forward from No Hero’s schizophonic debut, the desire for deliberation and premeditated songwriting took the focus with the sophomore release Un Own. Recorded on a shoe string budget over a couple of days at Innerspace Studios & a few bedroom set-ups, this album features Aman Mahajan handling keys/synth bass and Siddharth Rajmohan holding down the grooves on the kit.

Album Art by the uniquely creative Sumera Azharuddin




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According to a study, conducted as recently as this morning, Sharam Masala’s Hip Hop-meets-Prog-rock-meets-electronica debut, clairvoyantly called Greatest Hits, is the best thing since vinegar flavoured ice cream.

Rappers Xcpt. (never won a spelling bee.) and A La Moksh (who?) strut jauntily onto No Hero a.k.a (No Friends Either)’s sonic landscape and proceed to dig up the flower bed.

We’ll shut up now.

Other projects that lead upto this collaboration:

no.$ - mode.aka 

crux.frix - mode.aka  

Goodbye Kisses ON SALE - Lemon Tea

Other projects that happened around this time:

City as a Circus - Maara Collective

Other tracks that lead upto this collaboration:

Web of Our Fates feat Isha Anjali
Shuttle to wherever
Sudden Notion


They were withdrawn? Yea...No Hero is an extremely DIY project and there were/are many steep learning curves - some technical, some emotional, and other I am yet to even define. 
Stuck between self doubt, some genuine criticisms on the quality of the sound and my understanding (or lack thereof) of marketing such content, I found myself in a corner - do I start over, or do I re-do everything, or something in-between...I went with the last option. 
I went back & remixed & remastered (probably yet again..) the tracks I cared for the most from each of the records, and abandoned those that I felt I couldn't salvage. I had lost project files for some tracks and there were personal frictions that had come and gone between collaborators too, so there was little room for outside perspective. Never the less, I hope this page on my website validates and gives some purpose to this music that went through a bit of a rough upbringing. 

And if you're wondering what happened in 2018, there was an attempt at THIS, but the music never really saw the light of day, yet. 

2019 was a year of hiatus due to personal circumstances.

Here are some photos from these years - 
Sharam Masala OG
Recording Un Own at Innerspace Studios
L-R : Akhil Kodamanchili, Siddharth Rajmohan, Aman Mahajan
First BLR home studio
Tracking gtrs for no.$
Akrti & No Hero
Early blr days
First Studio Glam
First Studio No Glam
live @ City as a Circus
Engineering at Innerspace
Live with mode.aka at Counter Culture
L-R : Manas Ullas / (sic)ra, Sandeep Madhavan / The Burning Deck, Asif Akber / Ragged Skull, Peter Joshua Francis, Akhil Kodamanchili / No Hero
Lemon Tea
L- R: Nathan, Akhil, Ancoo
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